Hello Fresh – thoughts?

Hello Fresh is a company that provides you weekly with 2, 3 or 5 recipes for 2, 3, 4 or 6 people. The ingredients come securely packaged with ice packs and insulation. They are also ready measured out, meaning you just follow their photo recipe cards to make your dinner within “30 minutes” – this isn’t always guaranteed. The only things you really need in your cupboard are olive oil, salt, pepper and sugar.

The delivery is free and you can choose when your delivery arrives, we picked Sunday evenings! They have morning and evening options every day of the week.

The website is fairly easy to navigate, plus they have live chat support if you need any guidance.  Each week there are 10 meals to choose from; however if you don’t want to make the decision, or have dietary preferences you can choose for them to automatically select meals which are:

  • under 750 calories
  • dairy free
  • veggie
  • chefs choice
  • fish free
  • pork free
  • or no preference

they do the hard work for you! However if you don’t select any meals or a preference they will choose your meals at random for you – I have been victim of this before! You can also rate your recipes weekly and be in with the chance of winning a free box!

When I lived with my parents, we frequently got Hello Fresh deliveries, the 3 meals for 3 people. My mum and I who did most the cooking had very busy jobs where we wouldn’t get home until late in the evening. Therefore having the luxury of arriving home and being able to whip up a fresh dinner within the time (30-45 minutes) it would normally take to get a takeaway or go to the supermarket and decide on a meal was fabulous for our lifestyles. The only choice we had to make was which of the 3 meals we wanted to eat, we normally organised this by expiry dates on the packets of meat or fish (they do vegetarian boxes too). We received these boxes 2015-2016.

I do find it is best to read the recipe before starting as often the order of instructions can be a bit impractical and lead to using 5 chopping boards and 6 unnecessary pans. However if you are a novice cook, they are quite easy instructions to follow.

I love having these hello fresh delivery boxes every couple of weeks, or when I know I will be at home 3 x a week. As a keen cook it has taught me many skills, different ways of cooking and of course it is recipe galore.

On the website you can access all the recipes for each week, regardless on whether you choose that meal or not! Click on the photos below and it will take you to the recipe!

I have gone back often to my Hello Fresh recipe ring binder and re made several meals that we have loved over time for friends or dinner parties. I would have never thought of pan frying gnocchi, know how to make sri lankan curries, used creme fraiche instead of cream or rolled minced meat in my hands for herby burgers and meatballs.

I now live with my fiance and we thought we would try Hello Fresh boxes again 2 meals for 2 people, we have had 3 boxes between April and May 2018. The meals that we had were:

  • Persian Chicken Stew with red lentils, minty yoghurt and cumin rice (see photo)
  • Garlic prawns with mini roast potatoes and walnut parsley pesto (see photo)
  • Creamy aubergine curry (V)
  • Thai style pork stir fry with thai basil and rice
  • Mexican spiced chicken with roasted brocolli and coconut sauce
  • Honey roasted feta, with garlicky lentils and sweet potato wedges (see photo)
  • Herby burgers with potato wedges and chimichurri tomato salad
  • Asian pork meatballs with rice noodles and veggies
  • Creamy linguine with king prawns and serrano ham


Persian Chicken
Persian Chicken with minty yoghurt and cumin rice

Ultimate favourites were definitely the linguine, the honey roasted feta and the garlic prawns – these may seem simple but they were very unique and included different methods that I wouldn’t usually do! For example I would just crumble feta in a salad – I wouldn’t think to glaze it with honey under the grill, or chop walnuts up into a pesto without needing a blender or pestle and mortar.

Garlic prawns with walnut pesto

However we did notice that sometimes they go a bit hard on the carbs – provide a lot of pasta, noodles or rice but not provide enough quantities to make a sufficient sauce and occasionally some of meals have been a bit dry. If you have large appetites as well, I would advise upping the size to 3 meals for 3 people, my fiance can quite easily eat for two and I like second helpings! So next time we will get a bigger box!


Honey Roasted Feta Salad


Classic box:

  • 3 meals for 2 people: £34.99   – £14.99 with voucher
  • 4 meals for 2 people: £48.99   – £28.99 with voucher
  • 5 meals for 2 people: £48.99
  • 3 meals for 3 people: £48.99
  • 3 meals for 4 people: £58.99  – £38.99 with voucher

Family box:

  • 3 meals for 4 people: £53.99  – £23.99 with voucher
  • 4 meals for 4 people: £63.99  – £43.99 with voucher

Rapid box: cook in 20 minutes

  • 3 meals for 2 people: £34.99 – £14.99 with voucher
  • 3 meals for 4 people: £58.99 – £38.99 with voucher

On your first order you can save £20 with this voucher or use promo code: NATALI573 on any of the boxes then you will receive further codes to keep saving £20 per box!

Thanks for reading – if you made it this far!

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